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About Us

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Chris Robinson

Sport Rehabilitator and Human Movement Specialist

My name is Chris Robinson. I provide a professional service giving you the best outcome to resolve your problems using my experience and expertise of injury diagnosis.  Using my BSc (Hons) degree in Sport Rehabilitation I have over 11 years of clinical experience working in my own private practice.

I am an expert in human movement so the correction of movement technique, improving joint stability, posture and bracing throughout movement is a major area I am passionate about.  A majority of the time-poor biomechanics is the main contributor to injury and essential to the rehabilitation process.

CR Sports Rehab

I started CR Sports Rehab almost 12 years ago based at Bottesford Town Football Club with a small rehabilitation gym.  I have done pitchside support and rehab for Bottesford for over 12 years now.

I am currently based inside Reso24 Gym one of Lincolnshire's top training facilities with some fantastic training equipment, this only adds to the level of rehabilitation and support that I can offer.  


I treat all kinds of Musculo Skeletal issues and much more, yes my degree is in the rehabilitation of sporting injuries but I treat all kinds of everyday problems from Neck and pack pain, postural issues, joint sprains, muscle strains arthritis, headaches, nerve injuries… the list goes on… if you have any queries then please feel free to contact me to discuss any problems.

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