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Injury Assessment & Rehabilitation

I have 15 years experience in the assessment and diagnosis of all kinds of injuries, I work hard to make sure you as the client clearly understand the injury and issues that have contributed to the injury, then we will build a step by step rehabilitation plan that will treat the injury and restore normal function in the short term and rebuild the strength, stability and biomechanics of the area in the long term to prevent the issues happening again. 

All rehabilitation plans are built using Rehab Guru which is an app that will enable me to create and email it direct to you with exercise videos and relevant information making the whole process very easy to follow.

As I am based in Reso24 gym we have direct access to an incredible amount of top class equipment in which we can build a rehabilitation programme. We will work on all aspects of rehabilitation from movement biomechanics to core and posture and further onto strength and conditioning aspects.


I also have a new clinic based at Ashby Decoy Golf Club.  

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