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Movement Analysis

“Are you in pain because you are moving poorly?, or are you moving poorly because you are in pain?”

Understanding the biomechanics and loading of each element during
movement is helpful for making decisions about treatment and evaluating treatment effects. Human movement is achieved through a highly coordinated interaction of the elements of the Musculoskeletal MSK system.

Any injury to, or dysfunction of the MSK system will change this interaction and cause degradation, instability or disability of movement.

Improper movement technique or weakness of the stabilizing muscles
surrounding a joint can cause issues with the mapping of a movement causing undue stress to an area causing pain.

Once we understand what is going on with incorrect movement and
incorporate a rehabilitation plan to address these issues we can then begin to move forward with recovery and injury prevention and enhancing performance.

The Types of Movement assessment include:

  • Gait Analysis

  • Jumping

  • Throwing

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